Which browser should I use?
Our tools work best in Chrome and Firefox.
We recommend using a desktop or a laptop.

Clock time is wrong.
The clock uses your computer system time. So first check whether the time of your computer is correct.

How can I hide the menu bar on external display (Apple)?
Go to: System Preferences > Mission Control and uncheck the option 'Displays have separate Spaces'. Then log out and log in again.

The menu items of the countdown disappear.
That's right, they disappear if you don't move your mouse for 5 seconds. Move your mouse and the menu will reappear.

How does the 'Go fullscreen' button go away?
Just press the button! Don't want to use fullscreen? Press 'Esc' on your keyboard.

When do I use the screen generator?
For example; to indicate during testing which computer is used. Or to generate a test image for your livestream.

What is loading in the screen generator?
This is to show that you have a live image. Nothing is loading.

What can I do with the backfocus chart?
Ask a cameraman and he will explain it to you.

Can I try the presenter chat?
The chat is still in beta and you should know that the entered data is not encrypted. You can try the chat here.

Other questions?